Christian Artists Seminar
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Christian Artists Seminar Workshops


Baroque music and historical performance, practical playing

Anastasia Miliori (Greece)

Black Gospel singing as a group

Benjamin Gail (Germany)

Cello master class

Torsten Harder (Germany)

Composing christian songs with social and political conscience

Luis Alfredo Díaz (Spain)

Fingerstyle guitar for advanced player

Werner Hucks (Germany)

Fingerstyle Guitar for beginners

Werner Hucks (Germany)

Freedom from stage fright and intimidation. A smart bankers talent game.

Maria Markesini (The Netherlands (Greece))

Golden rules for flute playing

Heike Wetzel-Yates (Germany)

Personal vocal coach

Dale Chappell (Portugal)

Piano lessons and improvisation for classical educated players

Esther Bürger (Germany)

Piano with Passion

Jan Willem van Delft (Netherlands)

Self accompaniment for singers and songwriters

Paul Field (United Kingdom)

Taking your place and giving space as a guitarist in a band

Tobias Kerkhoven

The art of drums

Michel Cremer (Germany)

Vocal and midi-techniques

Hannah Featherstone (France)

Vocal improvisation and interaction

Hannah Featherstone (France)

Vocal techniques / Vocal coaching Lab

Dale Chappell (Portugal)

”Jesus Is Not a Religion” - how I made the song, the book and the video

Ingemar Olsson (Sweden)


Collabaration: Sounds, movements and musical licks: from the obvious to the unexpected…and visa-versa

Tobias Kerkhoven and Michel Cremer (Germany)

Collaboration: Arranging / performing your song

Aron de Lijster (Netherlands) and Klaus-André Eickhoff (Germany)

Collaboration: Painting Music

Gerdien van Delft-Rebel (Netherlands) and Grady van den Bosch (The Netherlands)

Collaboration: Photography meets printmaking

Renske van Twillert (Netherlands)

Collaboration: Praying the psalms without words

Hannah Featherstone (France) and Torsten Harder (Germany)

Collaboration: Sounds meet colours

Esther Bürger (Germany) and Gian Michael Merlevede (Germany)

Collaboration: “FUSION” - music meets dance and visual art

Birgit Juch (The Netherlands) and Heike Wetzel-Yates (Germany)

Performing Arts


Sjoukje Minkema (The Netherlands)


Arthur Pirenne (Netherlands)

Connecting through Movement-dance therapy

Yoshiko Romppel (Germany)

Contemporary Dance

Birgit Juch (The Netherlands)

Dance improvisation

Birgit Juch (The Netherlands)

Hip Hop & Mixed Styles (Hip-Hop, Afro, Breakdance, Locking)

Jan-David Bürger (Germany)

Motion, Sculpture, Nature workshop

Damaris Verduijn (Spain (The Netherlands))

Movement, Interdisciplinary, Inspirational - part 2 of workshop Motion, Sculpture, Nature.

Damaris Verduijn (Spain (The Netherlands))

The Art of Folding Air – Drawing with balloons

Guido Verhoef (Netherlands)

To all nations: Mime workshop

Carlos Martínez (Spain)

Visual Arts

"Designing art" - Using Design methods in artistical practice

Maria Viftrup (Denmark)

Drawing as a creative tool

Peter Smith (United Kingdom)

Drawing on the iPad using Procreate

Gerdien van Delft-Rebel (Netherlands)

Intuitive modelling with Clay

Elisabeth Baron (The Netherlands)

Lino block printing

Renske van Twillert (Netherlands)


Peter Smith (United Kingdom)

Presentation skills with visual impact

Teddy Liho (Bulgaria)

Sculpture: make carvings from different types of stone and plaster

Marijke Bolt (Netherlands)

StreetArt & Graffiti

Arend Maatkamp (Netherlands)

Visual Gravitation and the Longing Place

Gian Michael Merlevede (Germany)

Communication Arts

Celtic spirituality - wisdom beyond tradition and new age

Andy Lang (Gemany)

Christian communicator on stage - off stage, motivation and communication

Nina Åström (Finland)

Concept development - from first idea to finished song

John Featherstone (France)

Event Management / masterclass cultural leadership

Leen La Rivière (Netherlands)

German Song lyrics

Klaus-André Eickhoff (Germany)

How to create stories with string and paper

Philip Noble (United Kingdom)

Lifestyle of worship (and related to art)

Didi Companjen (Netherlands)

New Jerusalem - Communion - Artists prayer day

Jukka Leppilampi (Finland)

Photo critique for photographers - bring your own work for assessment

Paul Yates (Germany)

Photography: how to make great pictures using your smartphone

Paul Yates (Germany)

Song Doctor

Paul Field (United Kingdom)

Stories with string and paper

Philip Noble (United Kingdom)

Tell a story with your art

Willemijn van Helden - Willow Mae (The Netherlands)

Your own website with Wordpress

Arend Maatkamp (Netherlands)

There are 59 workshops to choose from.