Christian Artists Seminar
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Are you creative? Are you interested in Music, Visual Arts, Dance, Theatre or any other form of art? Are you desire to learn? Are you keen on meeting other people with the same vision? Are you open and willing to share? Above all, are you looking for inspiration and renewal?

If so, then the annual Christian Artists Seminar is the place to be. CA 2019 is already 40 years essential for anyone who wants to pursue a study in the arts or is studying an aspect of the arts or culture.

You are warmly invited to join us from July 28 – August 1, at the Seminar held at the SBI-Zonheuvel conference centre in Doorn, the Netherlands. Art lovers, artists, teachers and speakers gather from all over Europe for a very inspiring week in beautiful surroundings.

Be ready to open your mind and be inspired. Be ready to improve technically. Be ready to grow spiritually. Be ready to develop your vision for life as an artist.

Christian Artists Seminar is an event organised by the trade union for arts/culture: Association Christian Artists and supported by EZA and the European Union.