Christian Artists Seminar
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Cost and facilities

  1. Seminar fee Arrival Sunday July 28 between 13.00 – 15.00; departure Wednesday July 31 after breakfast, Including entrance to all plenairy parts, workshops, exhibitions, lectures, talentevaluations, reception, concerts): € 210 till january 31; from february 1 € 250 till May 1; After May 1: € 299,00PLUS:
  2. COSTS of accommodation:
    1. Housing (SBI-centre) in a 2-persons bedroom, including all meals € 230 for the whole period (July 28 – July 31) (is inclusive tourists tax).
    2. You stay somewhere else and care for your own meals: € 50,00 for use of the KSI facilities (this includes as well coffee, tea during the days) (this is as well valid for going on a camping).
    3. You go on a camping, there are a few places at the SBI-centre for campers(vans/busses). NO tents or caravans. There is a camping nearby (3 km): click on ‘ONLINE BOEKEN’ and click on english flag for registration in english.
  3. Childrens costs:
    0-3 years (you bring a bed for the baby, staying on parents room): for free;
    4-12 years (you bring a bed for the child, staying on parents room): € 165,-
    From 13 years: normal price, no seminar fee(till the age of 15); from the age of 16 you have as well to pay the seminar fee., you stay on a 2 p.bedroom

N.B. parents need to take care of their children, there is no baby/child care

Costs are including 2 times coffee/tea during the day. All prices are per person

Eastern European Countries
Participants from Eastern & Southern European Countries can receive a special discount. If you want to make use of this discount send an e-mail with all details

Outside of Europe, especially for AFRICA and ASIA
No participant will be accepted UNLESS you have a valid visum to enter the European Union

Student discount
When you are a student between 16 and 27 you can receive a discount on the seminar fee. If you want to make use of this discount please send an e-mail to with clear mention of: which study and what year.

By filling out the registration form on the website (Sign Up button) you will receive a confirmationform and invoice.

Down payment
After receiving the confirmationform and invoice you have to pay € 100,00 as part of the total seminar costs.

Only written cancellations will be accepted. Down payment is non-refundable.After June 1st: no refunds on any of your payments, you have to pay the total invoice amount!

CA 2019: Don’t miss it!
Come and fill-out the Sign Up form. Fill-out the form before April and receive a discount.