Christian Artists Seminar
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Workshops and modules

Music: vocals and instruments (for songwriting and such: see communication)

  • Soundscape 
    Ernesto Arrendell (the Netherlands)
  • Vocal improvisation and interaction
    Hannah Clair (France)
  • Vocal coaching laboratory for active singers
    Dale Chappell (Portugal)
  • Improvisation class on piano
    Jan Willem van Delft (the Netherlands)
  • Maximazing solo musical performance
    John Featherstone (France)
  • The art of drums
    Matthijs van der Feen (the Netherlands)
  • Self accompaniment on guitar' - For singers and songwriters - improve your ability to accompany yourself on guitar
    Paul Field (United Kingdom)
  • Improvising for all kinds of classical instruments
    Torsten Harder (Germany)
  • Taking your place and giving space as guitarist in a band
    Tobias Kerkhoven (the Netherlands)
  • Midi Orchestration
    Nikos Papadogiorgos (Greece)
  • Blackrockstar Rap/Songwriting 
    Rivelino Rigters (the Netherlands)
  • Improvising on violin in different styles
    Jean-Pierre Rudolph (France)

Performing Arts

  • Voice sells
    Eva-Maria Admiral (Austria)
  • Dance improvisation
    Desiree van Drongelen (The Netherlands)
  • Mask Work Skills
    Jill Ford (United Kingdom)
  • Technique class: contemporary dance
    Ruth Hughes & Naomi Cook (United Kingdom)
  • Mime
    Angélique Petit (France)
  • Clowning
    Arthur Pirenne (The Netherlands)
  • Organic Choreograpy
    Thea Soltau (United Kingdom)

Visual Arts

  • Sculpture: make carvings from different types of stone and plaster
    Marijke Bolt (the Netherlands)
  • “The creative process”, an ongoing path of seeking and finding…..
    Wiebe van Dingen (the Netherlands)
  • The Fascination of the Form-generating. Processes in Ceramics
    Marta Jakobovits (Romania)
  • Presentation skills with visual impact
    Teddy Liho (Bulgaria)
  • Drawing books as a creative tool
    Peter Smith (United Kingdom)
  • Lino block printing
    Renske van Twillert (the Netherlands)
  • Abstract painting-acrylics and the use of different materials
    Jenny Verplanke (Belgium)

Multi Media Arts

  • Drawing in 3D with Google Sketchup in combination with visual art
    Noémie Daval (France)
  • Concept development – How to think out of the box. Several ways to come to an idea or concept.
    Gerdien van Delft-Rebel (The Netherlands)
  • Cameras and composition
    Richard Hughes (United Kingdom)
  • Being a camera operator. Work in the TV team that records every evening show op CA. Maximum place for 6 persons. Includes many practical tips and reviews
    Yorick La Rivière (TV studio, the Netherlands)
  • Your own website with Wordpress
    Arend Maatkamp (The Netherlands)
  • Photo critique for photographers-bring your own work for assesment
    Paul Yates (Germany)

Communication Arts

  • Different type of entrepeneurship which is challenging for millennial generation
    Lasma Licite (Latvia)
  • German Song lyrics
    Klaus-André Eickhoff (Germany)
  • Creative writing
    Judith Stevenson (United Kingdom)
  • Communication – When Artists have to use words!
    Geoffrey and Judith Stevenson (United Kingdom)

Art, society and discussion

  • Qualities and skills of the self-employed
    Paul Fransen (the Netherlands)
  • Title to follow
    Evert van de Poll (France)
  • Title to follow
    Leen La Rivière (the Netherlands)
  • Lifestyle of worship (related to art)
    Didi Companjen (the Netherlands)