Christian Artists Seminar
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What is Christian Artists and what do they do?

Christian Artists is an International Association (a trade-union), forming a Network of over 100 organizations. It started in the sixties with the Continental Singers, travelling through so many nations and giving impulses for creative and spiritual renewal. That resulted in the formation of the annual Christian Artists Seminars (since 1974-1999 with Cam Floria) in the Rockies, Colorado, USA and the start of the annual Christian Artists Seminars in Europe in 1980/1981. This meeting in Europe stimulated developments in all the arts and produced a vision to stimulate national artists groups/associations and such. Many artists/music/dance groups/associations were this meetings result in both the west and in Eastern Europe.
So Christian Artists unites people of every art and of all denominations.
An other aspect of Christian Artists is to stimulate appreciation for any art among people, churches, trade-unions, society, etc. Christian Artists created access to many levels of society: the world of arts & culture, the social contexts, the political realities. In all those public domains Christian Artists is the voice for all of the member-organizations (see and its thousands of individual members. If you come alone and being on those doors, they remain closed. United we stand and our voice is heard. Connections are even in the EU-parliament, ILO, Unesco, etc.
Key part is all info you get via the social dialogue. As that will explain to you all about work, trade-unions, the EU.

Christian Artists wants the individual artists to unite as much as possible on local, regional and/or national level. In this way you create influence and can the call be fulfilled to be ‘the salt’ of the earth. If there is no a regional or national organization to join, individual membership is possible.
Christian Artists stimulates in its national and international meetings the importance of developing personal skills, experience and character-building, so that the individual artist will grow in his/her potential. These gifts, the characters of men and women, are equally important.
Christian Artists promotes leadership activities. Part of those activities are introductions to (studies about/training in) the contexts of our societies (social, economic, political, cultural, etc).
Christian Artists makes the best contributions of all member-organizations possible. A lot of individual teaching is done at the annual ‘Christian Artists Seminar’, beginning of August in Germany.
The Key International meeting is the annual International Christian Artists Seminar, held in Germany.