Christian Artists Seminar
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Future stage and talent evaluation

Future stage and talent evaluation for performances
Each day of the seminar, a special stage with sound equipment is provided where participants can perform. Professionals will help you and give advice on how to continue as a dancer/performer/actor. It is a very stimulating learning experience. Many famous artists have started their careers on this CA-future-stage. 
We will schedule a series of 4 performance times each day during the week.
Each performer will have 10 minutes = 2 songs maximum. 
We ask that each performer carefully prepares their material… remembering that this is a real performance... and that the evaluation will be based on what you have done on stage. 
The songs should be performed by heart… without music so that each one can communicate to the fullest. 
Evaluations will take place directly after the performance or at another time depending on the performance schedule of the day. 
Your time to perform will be posted every morning of the seminar at the reception desk. PLEASE check there for the time of your performance. If you miss, it will be impossible to reschedule another time. 
When signing up... we ask that each performer states in detail what he or she will be doing and on what aspects of their performance they want to be evaluated so that the proper professors can be present. (Ex. singing/guitar/composition). Ready to perform ? You can sign in for Future Stage on the registration form.

Talent evaluation for visual arts and multi media arts
During future stage there will also be an evaluation for visual and multi media arts. This will focus on the work each participant brings for evaluation. Evaluation will cover ideas, content and process. You will also learn how to evaluate your own work and how to use the evaluation of others in a positive way. If you wish to participate, please bring your work and a brief biography to help us know more about you and your work. Each day two participants will be evaluated for approximately 15 minutes. There is no special artistic level needed for this talent evaluation. But please only attend if you want an actual evaluation and conversation about your work. Excited ? Motivated ? You can sign in for this talent evaluation on the registration form.

Each year participants are encouraged to bring their current work to share with others. It may be just a folder to show privately in the talent evaluation or something you would like to exhibit in public for all to see and comment on. The exhibition is open to all participants who would like to show their work in public. It will represent the range of skills and abilities in those who attend, from relative beginners to professional artists. All we ask is that your work be as professionally presented as possible. Let us know that you would like to exhibit and full instructions will be sent. In the past work exhibited has tended to be 'Fine Art" - paintings; drawings; prints; photographs; sculpture with some ceramics. We would also welcome Illustration; Textiles; 3D design; Fashion; Graphic Design; New Media and so on.