Christian Artists Seminar

August 5 - August 10 2017


Christian Artists Seminar Workshops
Gerdien van Delft-Rebel (Netherlands) and Wiebe van Dingen (the Netherlands)
Aron de Lijster (Netherlands) and Klaus-André Eickhoff (Germany)
Dale Chappell (Portugal) and Jill Ford (United Kingdom)
Arthur Pirenne (Netherlands) and Eva-Maria Admiral (Austria)
Jenny Verplanke (Belgium) and Renske van Twillert (Netherlands)
Hannah Clair (France) and Noémie Daval (France)
Desiree van Drongelen (Netherlands) and Heike Wetzel-Yates (Germany)


Rivelino Rigters (Netherlands)
Heike Wetzel-Yates (Germany)
Jan Willem van Delft (Netherlands)
Jean-Pierre Rudolph (France)
John Featherstone (France)
Nikos Papadogiorgos (Greece)
Ernesto Arrendell (the Netherlands)
Matthijs van der Feen (Netherlands)
Hannah Clair (France)

Performing Arts

Arthur Pirenne (Netherlands)
Desiree van Drongelen (Netherlands)
Jill Ford (United Kingdom)
Angelique Petit (France)
Thea Soltau (United Kingdom)
Ruth Hughes (United Kingdom) and Naomi Cook (Belgium)
Eva-Maria Admiral (Austria)

Visual Arts

Peter Smith (United Kingdom)
Renske van Twillert (Netherlands)

Multi Media Arts

Aron de Lijster (Netherlands)
Richard Hughes (United Kingdom)
Arend Maatkamp (Netherlands)

Communication Arts

Geoffrey Stevenson (United Kingdom) and Judith Stevenson (United Kingdom)
Judith Stevenson (United Kingdom)
Klaus-André Eickhoff (Germany)

Art, society and discussion

Leen La Rivière (Netherlands)
Didi Companjen (Netherlands)
Paul Fransen (Netherlands)
Evert Van de Poll (the Netherlands)