For CA 2017 the schedule will be:

First 1,5 days with plenary meetings. These are extremely important as we need this orientation about the real problems artists are facing in the real world. Those meetings are full of interaction: every participant can contribute in the discussions. A great place to ask your questions. Top speakers will inform you. And there are several interviews. This is followed by 3 days of learning and inspiration. During each day, there are 5 shifts of workshops/master classes. All subjects will be held each day at the same time and the same location, continuing from the previous day.

A day starts with worship in the chapel, followed by:

  • a workshop/master class
  • the key plenary meeting starting with an artist followed by a lecturer/speaker: the social dialogue and you
  • another workshop/master class session
  • lunch
  • the ‘future stage’
  • 3 shifts of workshops/master classes
  • dinner
  • The evening will surprise you with presentations/performances by 7 different leading artists/groups/bands/companies; informal meetings and personal coaching upon request. This structure opens up many opportunities for learning, insight, inspiration, fellowship, and new European contacts.

Plenary meetings and most workshops will be held in English. Plenary meetings will have translation into French and German.