Christian Artists Seminar

July 29 - August 2, 2018

Evening program

Each evening will be a great interesting presentation of what the professional participants are able to do. You do not want to miss this, as it will be so encouraging and stimulating for your personal development and talents.

Also for non participants it is possible to visit the evenening concerts. Tickets for the evening costs € 15,00 per person.

Under the usual reserve of upcoming changes: Evening program 2017

Saturday August 5

  • Thomas Nöttling (Austria)
  • Desiree van Drongelen (NL)
  • Contribution from EZA
  • Jean Pierre Rudolp (France)
  • rend Maatkamp (NL)
  • Sarah Mertins (Germany)
  • Marta Jacobovits (Romania)
  • Ria & Leen La Rivière (NL)
  • Bernard Sissa (Senegal)

Sunday August 6

  • Klaus Andre Eickhoff (Germany)
  • Giovanni Pisas (NL)
  • Richard Hughes (UK)
  • Eva-Maria Admiral (Austria)
  • Torsten Harder (Germany)
  • Teddy Liho (Bulgaria)
  • Jolien Damsma (NL)
  • Gerdien van Delft (NL)
  • Leen La Rivière (NL)
  • John Featherstone (France)

Monday August 7

  • Rosa van de Vijver (NL)
  • Angélique Petit (France)
  • Leonard von Bibra (Germany)
  • Dale & Lurdes Chappell (Portugal)
  • Jan Willem van Delft (NL)
  • Renske van Twillert (NL)
  • Asya Pritchard (Germany)
  • Leen La Rivière (NL)
  • Paul Field (UK)

Tuesday August 8

  • Battle of the drums: Matthijs van der Feen (NL), Corentin Martinez (France), Estienne Ryle (France) & Ernesto Arrendell (NL)
  • Ruth Hughes (UK) &  Naomi Cook (Belgium)
  • Hanna Schillai (Germany)
  • Arthur Pirenne (NL) & Jan Willem Plutschouw (NL)
  • Heike Yates-Wetzel (Germany)
  • Peter Smith (UK)
  • Jonathan Romppel (Germany)
  • Wiebe van Dingen (NL)
  • Leen La Rivière (NL)
  • Rivelino Rigters (NL)

Wednesday August 9

  • Nikos Papadogiorgos (Greece)
  • Génesis Quitanilla (Spain)
  • Paul Yates (UK/Germany)
  • Ernesto Arrendell (NL)
  • Noemie Daval (France)
  • Tobias & Natael Kerkhoven (NL)
  • Marijke Bolt (NL)
  • Ria & Leen La Rivière (NL)
  • Hannah Clair (France)