Conclusions of the subjects 1982

Theme 1982: The practicalities of life

This Christian Artists week had each day a plenairy meeting in the format of a Forum. On stage appr. 8 leading artists from different nations and a moderator putting the questions to them and opening for debate with the participants. This second  year was more in dept based on the conclusions and themes of 1981.

  1. A Christian artists has a role in his private life. That means working on quality (ongoing improvement in skills) and working on character/motivation. It means as well integrity financially, integrity as artists or creation of a work of art
  2. A Christian artists has a role in his family. Being a good partner, being a good parent, being a good and reliable family member. Acting like a priest. But as well making sure there is enough money to sustain family life. It has happened that the family of an artists had a real form of suffering, because of money (poverty). Even a call does not justify to spend all money on a ‘call’.
  3. A Christian artist has a role in his church. Even if in many cases a church doesnot have any idea of the arts or has any respect fora n artist. Still it is a good and important issue to remain member of a church. Patience and prayer are keywords. The expectation is that change will come, including mutual respect. Here as well the artist needs to keep his integrity. And not always an artist should do things for a church ‘for free’. If a pastor is paid, a real professional musician should be paid as well something (see King Davids regulations for the musicians and singers)
  4. A Christian artist has a role in the ‘market place’ or society. For some to evangelise via their art-form, for others making GOOD art (so not to evangelise) and having an impact via the quality of his/het works of art. Not every Chriistian artist has a role in the society. Be aware of the dangers of the so called ‘cross-overs’. But there are artists with a real call for the market place
  5. In this second Christian Artists Seminar is welcomed all styles of music. We had classical till heavy metal and everything in between. For sure for some participants some styles were beyond their imagination. But this Christian Artist Seminar has as well a role in  building acceptance of every style and form.
  6. As Christian artists does not believe and will accept that our Europe is in 2 pieces by the Iron Curtain, the board of CA will do several tries to get participants from Eastern Europe for the coming years
  7. As music is so connected with the other forms of performing arts, the board will try to work on this enlargement too for the next seminar