Conclusions of the subjects 1985

Theme 1985: The values of a personal life

This Christian Artists week had each day a plenairy meeting in the format of a plenum. These plenums were done by key speaker Floyd McClung. This fifth  year was more in dept based on the some part of the conclusions and themes of former years: so CA kept building for a biblical foundation., subtheme fort his year: the values of a personal life.

  1. The purpose of the plenums with speaker Floyd McClung was not to develop our own theology. But to enter in a better understanding of the need for biblical foundations for a private life and as this was a continuation of last year, the focus was this year more on a personal life, like values, dedication, call, relationship with God (the Fatherheart of God)
  2. As it became clear that there are artists with a real difficulty with their home church, CA makes time to have this speaker walk through the biblical foundations for your personal life. Why are we otherwise a ‘christian’ artist? And the challenge was for a real dedication of life, your talents, your call to do it the ‘God way’.
  3. The CA organization is a true oecumenical organization and stands in good faith with every type of church/denomination. CA has NOT and will NEVER create a counter theology as answer to questions of churches.  That is as well the reason that CA will never celebrate ceremonies like a church should do, like baptism, communion, marriage, etc. 
  4. A Christian artist has a role in his church.  CA encourages every christian artist to participate in the life of their church, home group or bible study group. They are your spiritual family.
  5. CA understands its role tob e one time a year a giant generator of inspiration, hope, encouragement, direction, callings, development of personal talents and personal lifestyle; alll based on the work and presence of Gods Spirit.
  6. CA encourages each artist to be serious about his/her spiritual life. We can not walk the road of our call unless we work on our deeper life, meaning of life, our faith.
  7. So there is a real call to put in practise what a real Christian artists is: a relationship with Jesus Christ, depending on the grace of God, being serious about the personal life, being serious about talents, gifts and art, trhe challenge for real quality and not to hide in a kind of ‘christian ghetto’.
  8. Welcomed is the growing section of performing arts: dance, theatre, mime, etc.
  9. And questions are raised about other forms of art