Conclusions of the subjects 1983

Theme 1983: Are we at war? Relationship with the church?

This Christian Artists week had each day a plenairy meeting in the format of a Forum. On stage appr. 8 leading artists from different nations and a moderator putting the questions to them and opening for debate with the participants. This third  year was more in dept based on the some part of the conclusions and themes of 1981 and 1982: the relatonship with a church.

  1. A Christian Artist is never at war with any church. The CA organization is a true oecumenical organization and stands in good faith with every type of church/denomination. CA has NOT and will NEVER create a counter theology as answer to questions of churches. CA accepts fully the historical reasons why denominations exists and will work in an open attitude with any denomination. This is done in the full understanding that we are TOGETHER the ‘body of Christ’. Even wit hall possible studies or knowing of matters is partial. That is why CA embraces any believer as brother and sister.
  2. The decision is made that at the Christian Artists Seminar we will NOT ask anybody about  his/her church membership. We want to avoid any devision in this body of Christ, because He is our Lord and He brings us all together from all the corners of Europe.
  3. A Christian artist has a role in his church. Even if in many cases a church doesnot have any idea about the arts or has any respect for an artist. Still it is a good and important issue to remain member of a church. Patience and prayer are keywords. The expectation is that change will come, including mutual respect. Here as well the artist needs to keep his integrity. And not always an artist should do things for a church ‘for free’. If a pastor is paid, a real professional musician should be paid as well something (see King Davids regulations for the musicians and singers). But CA asks for an attitude of patience and understanding
  4. CA encourages each artist to be serious about his/her spiritual life. We can not walk the road of our call unless we work on our deper life, meaning of life, our faith
  5. As Christian artists does not believe and will accept that our Europe is in 2 pieces by the Iron Curtain all have welcomed the first participants coming from Eastern Europe. Financial help to make this possible came from several organizations (especially Continental Sound) and individuals.
  6. As music is so connected with the other forms of performing arts, welcomed was the first stage performance of Randall Bane, introducing dance and mime/acting. During the next CA seminars we have to enlarge this art section.