Conclusions of the subjects 1986

Theme 1986: The importance of a call

This Christian Artists week had each day a plenairy meeting in the format of a plenum. These plenums were done by key speaker Floyd McClung. This sixth  year was more in dept based on the some part of the conclusions and themes of former years: so CA kept building for a biblical foundation., subtheme fort his year: the importance of a call

  1. Floyd McClung continued the series for the need of biblical foundations in everybody’s personal life and the need for a biblical foundation as organization, artists group and such
  2. So there is a real call to put in practise what a real Christian artists is: a relationship with Jesus Christ, depending on the grace of God, being serious about the personal life, being serious about talents, gifts and art, rhe challenge for real quality and not to hide in a kind of ‘christian ghetto’.
  3. An essential question deals with the challenge of a call. What is a call? A Call of God, a call to become followers(disciples) of Jesus Christ, a call to become active in the arts or in any other walk of life. The word has been used many times to a superfical way. Even persons are hiding, so to stay away from any responsability by saying: that is not my call. But God has a calling for everybody. The first one is to love: God, neighbours, whoever is around. And there are very special callings possible to be pastor, prophet, teacher, etc. And for sure the arts can be very prophetic too. So a whole area to think about. But everybody has as well a call to live, to share, to be part of any local community, village, city. God calls us into the marketplace, the media, into the real world!
  4. The vision of Leen La Rivière will have impact: Europe, our target. And that is too a call to have CA open up for any form of art. Decided is that other art forms will slowly become integrated. The search for qualified artists/teachers in those area’s will start.