Conclusions of the subjects 1994

Theme 1994: The importance of the social midfield

The role of the arts in a Europe on the way to integration.
A debate on social and cultural issues with political implications.
Fourth Symposium August 6-13 1994, at the SBI, Holland


1. Need
There is an ongoing need for understanding and communication, motivation, wider information, purpose, identity for and between politicians, trade-unions, institutions and other social, religious and single-issue groups.

2. The social midfield
This understanding should improve the functioning of civil society (in other documents called "the social midfield")

  • in quality
  • in participation
  • in growing responsibility
  • in the practical outworking of subsidiarity, and differentiated responsibility
  • in preventing excessive state control of the arts.

3 Action
Practical action should be carried out by artists, workers and all levels of society. This practical action should involve and activate socio-cultural, political and religious aspects of life to ensure and strengthen a human, democratic, pluriform society infused by Judeo Christian values.

4. Solidarity
Special attention should be given to change the cities into a pluriform reality where various groups can live together in solidarity reflecting their own distinctive norms, values, hope and dignity, as well as common goals.

5. Participation
Participation and the creativity of everyone is needed in the battle against ugliness, the sense of valuelessness, despair, selfishness, manipulation, withdrawal, hedonism. This will cultivate a new cultural approach.

6. Tolerance
We are called to make a difference at every level of society. This call us into action within our institutions, people-groups, the family, politics. We as people are the source od action, we must practice the tolerance, we must defend the pluriformity, we must take responsibility for the future.


In forthcoming symposia the following should be studied:

  • for any practical action creativity is needed: how to become a whole person, to improve the functions of society, the family, the values of education, religion, politics.
  • youth, youth-cultures: youth participation is the hope for the future
  • minority contributions: a test case for pluroformity.