Christian Artists Seminar

The expected dates are: Aug. 1 (arrival) – Aug. 4 (departure), 2022

Results d.d. 2005

When we look back now at what has been written as vision in 1986 we can see that a lot did happen and a lot was achieved: In 1989 the Christian Artists organization in the Netherlands achieved recognition as a trade-union. - the Continental Art Centre was started in 1989, expanded over the years with many facilities(even a complete theatre/arts-hall). It is a centre for innovation., socio-cultural studies, and research. As result this centre became part of the EZA-network of the 60 European Centres for Workers Questions, as such having impact in the field of social studies, social dialogue, society.

  • The Continentals (music-ministry) moved from one European group in 1986 to over 25 groups accross Europe, selecting and training 750 young people each year, reaching over 100.000 audience each year, having made over 100 albums since the beginning in 1969, having reached over 10 million visitors worldwide since the beginning....
  • The Christian Artists Seminar became the European meeting and learning place for all the arts with real top-quality masterclasses etc.
  • The International Association of Christian Artists has united over 100 organizations, groups, associations, etc.
  • Political connections have been established with national parliament, national governent, European parliament.
  • Appr. 20 books have been written to stimulate all the arts, to stimulate arts appreciation & acceptance among Christians. 15 special studies have been done with the help of EZA.
  • The European Academy came into being with the financial help of the EU.
  • There is new openness in society towards values, religion/spirituality, culture, creativity.
  • For a christian artist there is equal access to all official (state) facilities, etc.