What can we do?

So, what is the position and what are the actions of our own organizations: Continental Sound/Christian Artists? CS/CA have to deal with the aforementioned problem as well. CS/CA organise many activities, and although sometimes 30, or even up to 90 percent (!) of the audience at concerts is non-Christian, we cannot speak of a breakthrough in society in general. CS/CA reach 100,000 to 150,000 people in Europe every year, but this is not a revival nor a breakthrough. So are there other things that can be done to have an impact on society?

Let us look at society more closely. Why is the resistance to Christ’s message so great? It goes without saying that the people’s current attitude is a result of certain historical developments: the religious wars - deism - the ‘enlighted’ kings (combination of political power with religious power) - enlightenment/French revolution - the beginning of the industrial era/rise of socialism - 20th century wars - modernity...). For the sake of clarity, however, we want to discuss the present-day situation only. In the trends of culture there are pioneers and followers - the ‘culture- and society makers’ and those who follow the trends. If we compare this situation to a train then the Christians are in the last wagon. But what do the other wagons contain and what would the locomotive be?