In the work of CS/CA this was the beginning of the following phase

  1. Finding out where the Christian artists (musicians, painters, dancers, etc.) are around Europe and organising/uniting them.
  2. Restoring these artists’ value and honour, thus stimulating them.
  3. Getting these artists to communicate with each other.
  4. Ongoing challenge for greatness in content and quality.
  5. Implosion and explosion. The principle of the nuclear bomb: first an inward-acting ‘implosion’ takes place, increasing the pressure, after which the chain reaction follows. So we must join all creative positive forces and start exercising pressure by giving new services, creating possibilities to exhibit, stimulating thinking, creating new facilities, etc. Let this work like a kind of pressure cooker. As a result we get an explosion of creativity, showing that this handful of Christian artists may produce better art than the avant-garde or our present days. This explosion results in a new dominant factor (of hope, newness, inspiration, and promise) and a change of direction. New people take over the role of pioneers and the wagons of the train follow the locomotive in a new direction. Only a handful of artists are needed to start this Renaissance (leaders of the mass-media included). We are talking here of top-artists as a result of the process, that may take many years.
  6. In order to achieve a constant supply of new Christian artists, in order to make a firm foundation and to make the Renaissance-process a kind of ‘ongoing experience’, some sort of school or academy of arts will have to be founded or we need to network with existing academies or schools. As such we concluded: Yes, change is possible if we grow in influence by uniting people and taking action.