Negative beauty

If we take a closer look at this avant-garde, we notice that it is clearly filled with an anti-Christian feeling. Their message is sometimes the same as Lucifer’s: negative beauty; Negative art. For some avant-garde: Art is sometimes only art if it is decadent. Or they support the idea that everything in this life has no value, meaning or purpose, so the reality is senseless. This handful of people is helping each other, holding on to their power through the policy of subsidies and through politics. These people are present at all levels of decision-making and often determine where subsidies go. This could have happened because Christians withdrew from culture and from leading positions in society and did not support Christian artists. Others, who could have had influence were not actively involved in a Christian fertilizing process. That is why positive creative powers get no commissions and are shunned, sometimes even boycotted. They get no exhibitions, have no equal access to all cultural provisions, etc. There seems to be no room for Christian artists, therefore there is no influence, no purifying salt, no change of culture, no openness in society, and no listening ear for the Christian message or for the values Christianity stands for.

The following is an outline of both the wish and prayer for a revival and also a number of factors hindering a possible revival.