The theme for CA 2019

THEME CA 2019: HEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK and SOCIAL PROTECTION: Factors that improve the quality of work and the quality of life in the sector arts and culture, a sector facing huge risks due to the failure of flexabilization, ending up in a legion self-employed workers living under the poverty line.. having no insurances, having no pension-plan, no money to start a family. 96% leave the sector after graduation after 10 years of hard and risky work, they lost motivation. So how to improve job satisfaction as key factor for health, decent work and a reasonable income. Input will come from CNV(plezier in werk) and Krifa (Denmark, work satisfaction).

Part 1, general introduction: Factors that improve the quality of work and the quality of life. Possible Harmonization between the different influences that dominate work and daily life. There are growing tensions/stress between the daily demands of work and the social parts of life, including family life. Recognizing the tensions, naming the aspects/origins of the tensions. Possible solutions. The growing stressfactors for the selfemployed, but as well the life satisfaction aspects of the selfemployed. Reducing risks ( dangers in work, conflicts in the family, lack of social life, no pensionplan, shortage of insurances, lack of ongoing training/life long learning) The great number of selfemplyed workers in teh cultural & arts sectors  are a result of the failure of the flexabilization of the workforce

Part 2:taking advantages and learning skills of technological (possible) improvements. As well in the sector Arts and Culture is a lot innovation. Why and where orientation. How to learn. How to master, how to use and why. Resulting in new forms of creativity and new work/income .What I was yesterday is not what I am today, what creates satisfaction is not the same, learning totally new skills, etc. It's freeing to know we don't have to keep doing the same things, indeed, we must 'evolve'. the next question could be is it different or what would make it different for artists and people involved in culture than any other domain to work out/think about/find solutions for their life planning... 

Part 3:mastery, life long learning for yourself. How to organise this and use it. Planning of your career. All for the sector arts & culture, especially for the flexworkers and the selfemployed. Health and safety ….. is the artist metier psychological manageble ? The risks of being an artist reality against the totally fake idea of the public/populists: of drinking, lazy, being a party animal… 

  • exploring how new trends in the sharing economy could reduce stress factors (co-working spaces, social collaboration, platforms for freelancer)
  • new business models around social media (especially platforms like Patreon for financing creative projects)

We need professional mastering, personal mastering and social mastering and all of this is related to the meaning of life. 

Part 4: personal leadership of yourself. Planning your life, including the aspects generating income, and the conflicts with social life/family life, raising children. All for the sector arts & culture, especially for the flexworkers and the selfemployed. If you can get hold of your future it improves work satisfaction and more harmony in all conflic area’s of your personal life. What comes in  mind is the aspect of co-workers, working together, how to benefit from one another's talents and creativity when you are selfemployed : developing social links by coworking is a real source of satisfaction... and can also be reason for problems= how to deal with that.  the advantages of crosscultural/crossartistic practises to dévelop one's professionnal activity, which has a positive impact on "selfdevelopment", though satisfaction in your position in society...(when you take time to think about who you are and where you are in life, linked with planning your life too but at a psychological level, then you can think more clearly about planning your family life, income, choices for professionnal direction, and so on...)...


Part 5work satisfaction. Work satisfaction improves quality of work and generates better income, but how to organise that for the selfemployed in the sector arts/culture. Job satisfaction as new motivating factor to escape the poor side of life. This is related again to the meaning of life: Meaning in working life The most important thing for our workplace is the experience of meaning in the job. You could also consider that theme at your conference. We have previously defined four different dimensions of meaning at work:Internal meaning: is about our job giving us an experience that the job contributes to our understanding of ourselves as human beings - contributing to our identity. Larger meaning: is about an experience that the job contributes to something that is greater than ourselves. Collegial meaning: It is important for us to work with others. Organizational meaning: is about, as an employee, I can see the meaning of the decisions and changes that occur in my organization.