Didi Companjen

  • Raised in a Christian family.
  • Music and singing was basically at present in our home.
  • From my early youth I took part in all kind of choirs – starting with a children’s choir.
  • Studied social work .
  • Studied vocals at the music school for 9 years.
  • Trained as a worship leader at several locations: CA (by Rick Ridings), YWAM, conferences etc…
  • Worship leader
  • Performed as solo singer in Holland - mostly organized by Continental Sound . Toured several times with Adrian Snell.
  • Toured for several years through all of Poland as solo singer with a well known professional polish gospel band.


  • worship through music – coaching worship teams how to use instruments in a creative way - as well in Holland  - as in Rwanda, Romania, Egypt (invited by YwaM) and Greece through CA.
  • worship as a lifestyle – how to become a worshipper.
  • speaking to groups of people about all kind of subjects: about being a worshipper, as well as other subjects of the Bible, how to deal with feelings, fear, women in the Bible etc.
  • counseling.