Alexander Ronsdorf

My Name is Alexander Ronsdorf and I am a twenty-four-year-old filmmaker, director and film photographer from Kempten, Germany. I love films that combine a deep, raw and honest story with rough, grainy and edgy pictures, I love films that stick out in this ongoing movement of glossy perfection and hidden failures.

I am still in the journey of finding my own visual style and language. I think this process will still take a while but my vision is to create more authentic films that matter.

I look up to directors like Gustav Johansson, Daniel Wolfe or Salomon Ligthelm for for their unique ways of storytelling/concept work, style of directing and their specific visuals which are so unique.

During my last year of working in the industry I had the honor to work and collaborate with very different people. This gave me the opportunity to work on different projects from car launch eventfilms or a mini documentary on the 24h race of the Nuremburgring for clients like Audi, Porsche, Coffee Fellows and more.

From October 2018 till March 2019 I took some time off to join a Discipleship Training School with YWAM MarineReach in Tauranga New Zealand to find a new focus and a deeper identity in God. He totally changed how I see my gifts, my calling and where I put my worth in a world that loves to critique everything. Im here to be loved by him and to love and serve him with what I have.