Birgit Juch

Birgit Juch is artistic leader, teacher and choreographer of AVIV Dance Company. She works in the field of dance after completing a HBO Dance Teacher degree in 2010. Birgit Juch can be described as a visionary, driven and inspired modern dancer. Through AVIV she would like to connect Christian dancers by means of dance projects, professional dance lessons and networking days. In addition, she organizes interactive dance improvisation projects where all kinds of artists and musicians meet God in each other's creativity.

Birgit has a passionate heart for young people and is recognized in coaching youngsters during their dance education and giving them a place where they can grow in their identity and faith. She also provides dance lessons and cultural projects at the Passie High School.

In addition to what she does in the dance world in the Netherlands, she is passionate for evangelizing and social work abroad. She enjoys going to places where usually no one goes. For example; in the middle of the Philippine jungle where she gave YWAM dance coaching, or in South Africa (Lesotho) providing scholiers dance workshops and lessons about the Father's Heart for children; or in the mountains of Albania, walking from village to village with a backpack and music box giving workshops and sharing about God.

Birgit Juch is looking forward to meeting you at CA and share her dance qualities and passions.