Christine Fischer

My name is Christine Fischer, called Stine and I’m a singer and songwriter from Leipzig, Germany. Even when I was a child, music and especially singing was my all-time favourite passion. Since 2014 I have the privilege to study “Jazz & Popular music/vocals”. So in the last years, my musical skills and knowledge became professional, but also the love for creating my own music became bigger. That’s why I decided to do the big step of founding my own Band ‘STINE’ in the beginning of 2018. My songs, my voice, my story. And it feels so good to finally share all of this. Even though we’re still at the start, I’m looking forward to all what’s ahead. There’s a lot of work to do and I’m super thankful for every opportunity to connect with other creative souls, to always learn and get inspired. Music becomes alive in community. I love the people. That’s also why I’m an artist.