Michel Cremer

After starting to play drums at the age of nine, Michel Cremer soon got involved in regular playing in church. In his youth, besides diving deeper into different concepts of band work and functioning as a MD, he began performing with different artists in styles of Gospel, Rock, Worship, Singer-Songwriter, Musical or even Rap. The experiences of performing with different artists created great oppertunity to constantly broaden his musical horizon and stage experience, as well as learning to play adabtable in different settings of varying crowd sizes, genres and event types.
Starting out with a lot of Rock, his musical radar more and more expanded towards the styles of Funk, Fusion and R'n'B.
What strikes him as one of the external yet most fascinating aspects about music as an art form is the immediate link between fugacity and being in the moment. As soon as your ears catch your favourite lick in a song and you're in the moment of it, that very lick is already gone; and still you can always go back/rewind/play the song again (lucky for us all) ... to witness it be already gone again. Other art forms do not have this stress on things to be exclusive in the moment.

As a drummer, Michel hopes to help people live in the moment.