Tillmann Bross

“Words are tired in our culture.”

At least that is what Tillmann thought when he departed on his journey searching for the very thing that made his heart beat.

When it comes to the very essence of reaching out for each other ́s hearts, music alone might be powerful enough to do just that - but little did he know that words would become an integral part of his existence.

Classically trained from an early age, Tillmann soon was mesmerized by all other kinds of music that his father ́s CD collection had to offer and began diving deep into all the progressive and spherical wonders the 70 ́s and 80 ́s had to offer.

After finishing school, playing in several projects as a pianist, guitarist and bassist and beginning his studies at the Institute of Music in Kassel, Germany, he decided not to play by the book anymore and began searching for his own voice among the many stylistics and genres that he had called home along the way.

In 2018, Tillmann started out as a solo artist and soon put all his energy into forming a collective of musicians that share the same love for intimate minimalism and overwhelming walls of sound. And words. Words that comfort, words that confront, words that heal. And words that tell a story about a love divine.

“My words may be tired, but Your words are not.”