Elisabeth Baron

Elisabeth Baron - Artwork & Coaching

I am a visual artist and I make a wide diversity of artworks: fabric sewing, clay modeling, wood and metal processing, drawing, painting and making collages. I like to reuse materials which otherwise would have been wasted and transform them into something new and beautiful. I start out with a theme or I will challenge the boundaries of the material or just go with the flow and let me be surprised by what it becomes.

My work is realistic with an alienating effect. It makes you think and it raises questions such as ‘Who am I?’ or ‘What do you see?’

“Elisabeth embodies creativity. Her original ideas always turn into something beautiful. She strongly appreciates and supports the creative expressions of the people around her. And she passionately talks about everything that is meaningful and touching to her. Her main focus is that you learn something new about yourself by experimenting with art and grow by realizing that you are who you are and that is OK.”

The purpose of my workshop is that you discover the joy and power of your creativity which brings you closer to yourself, your heart and God. To reveal your passion and strengthen it by thinking in a creative way. Working with clay is very relaxing yet still challenging, but it is also a wonderful natural material.

At the Christian Artists Seminar I will be giving the workshop Intuitive Modeling with Clay.