Christian Artists Seminar

July 28 (arrival) - July 31 (departure), 2019

Qualities and skills of the self-employed

Language the workshop will be taught:

We scheduled the workshop as follow:
A series of workshops in 3 days in shift 3 of 40 minutes each.

This workshop should been placed in the following category:
Art, society and discussion

Maximum number of participants:

The needed artistic level of this workshop is:

The skills criteria for participants to follow this workshop are:

Participants will have learned after doing this workshop:
We will examine what qualities are important in self-employment.

What materials/equipment/other things participants need to bring to be able to do this workshop:
An open mind.

Other important things a participant should know to be able to do this workshop:
It’s about creative thinking, not doing.

Describe clearly the content of this workshop:
We will examine what qualities are important in self-employment.
And what are your best and less best qualities. What can you do about it?
It includes: Motivation, Assertiveness, Intuition, Dare to take risks, Perseverance and Discipline, Flexibility, Independence, Decisiveness, Confidence, Responsibility, Creativity and Originality.

We also look at what skills are needed when you are self-employed.
And which of your skills are strong or less strong?
And how to deal with it: education, training, cooperation, something else?
We are looking at: Expertise, Accounting knowledge, Practical institution, Ability to work together, Organization Talent, Written and oral skills, Presentation skills, Knowledge of People, Managing workload, Commercial insight, Knowledge of the market, Financial insight, Sales Talent.

We go as far as possible on your personal situation. Others learn from you, you learn from others.
The result of this workshop is to better understand your qualities and skills and how to deal with this in the future.