Christian Artists Seminar

July 28 (arrival) - July 31 (departure), 2019

Naomi Versluis

I wrote my first song when I was only five years old. At age 6 I got my first guitar and one year later I had my first guitar lesson. I learned my first chords so I could guide myself while singing a song. I was singing all day and started writing more songs. When I was twelve years old I performed for the first time. I sang one of my own songs, in English, and even tough I had stage fright and my voice was shaking, I really liked performing. I started taking singing lessons where I learned a lot about how to use my voice. I  also started to perform more; at school, in church or in small theaters . Sometimes it was just me and my guitar and other times I played in a band. In the meantime I was playing my third guitar and I taught myself to play the piano. I found out that I was good at writing lyrics and I could really put my feelings on paper but I would love to be more creative when it comes to the chords or melody. I’ve seen myself grow through the years but I also know there are so many things I have and want to learn about music. I’d love to experience new things to find out what I like and what I want. To find out if I’m a real singer songwriter.